Vincent Roger Same
D.Min, Director,
West Central Africa Division of Seventh-Day Adventist


Pastor (Dr) Samè was born in Cameroon. He is an ordained minister of the Seventh Adventist Church since 2002. He is happily married to Emah Dan Udoh and both are parents of three children and a grand parents of one grandson.

He holds a BA theology, MA Religion and Doctor of Ministry in Global Mission Leadership. He is has served as a denominational worker for the past twenty years in various capacities including, Pastoring, School chaplain, Union Communication, family life and Stewardship director, Ministerial association Secretary, Mission President, Missions and Leadership Lecturer, University Vice president, Dean of School of theology.

Pastor (Dr) has passion
 for evangelism, leadership seminar, research. He is a Co-founder of ACMMA (Adventist Conference of Mission and Ministry in Africa) and a he has been a member of the WAD Biblical Research Institute until his appointment as Director at the Division. He is author of some academic papers including “Cultural Influence on Church Music” published in Music and Worship In Africa (ed) Sampson Nwaoma, Robert Osei-Bonsu and Kelvin Onongha (Andrew Universty Press, 2014); “Contextualization Without Syncretism: Adventist Challenge in Africa” on Press by Adventist University of Africa. Other unpublished papers and books include "Le Plaisir de Connaître Dieu"; “Inter-Disciplinary Guidelines for Discipling, Reclaiming and Reclaiming Church Members in African Context”; Dynamics for Effective Pastoral Leadership in African Context; Biblical Principles for Effective Parenting.