The department of Education has the mandate to coordinate the implementation of the Division’s aim and Mission which is to prepare “people for useful and joy-filled lives, fostering friendship with God, whole-person development, Bible-based values, and selfless service in accordance with the Seventh-day Adventist mission to the world” (WAD Working Policy, 2014-2015, FE 05 15, p. 240).

Department Strategic Roadmap for 2015-2010 Services
1) Enforcement of value-based campus life toward academic, professional, and spiritual development. 

2) Teachers’ certification in Adventist philosophy of education.

3) Exemplification and promotion of research and publication. 

4) Fundraising for scholarship, rehabilitation and upgrading of old institutions, and establishment of new institutions.

5) Reinforcement of institutional networks and partnerships.

Assessing and Advising institutions vis-à-vis accreditation

Consultancy for the formulation of educational policies and the establishment of new educational institutions

Facilitating institutional network and partnership

Conducting and coordinating research for future planning

Negotiating scholarships and research grants 

Resources for the advancement of quality christian education

The Journal of Adventist Education

Adventist Educators Blog

College and University Dialogue

Institute of Christian Teaching