Adventist World Radio Day in Gabon

Posted on Mars 30 2021

  The Adventist Church celebrated the International Day of Adventist World Radio on Sabbath March 13, 2021. Indeed, on that Sabbath a special offering service was conducted in order to support the Adventist World Radio. The theme for this year is "a power greater than witchcraft." This theme taken from the testimony of Commander Liam who, having made many enemies over the years, decides for his protection and that of his family, to hired the assistance of a powerful witch on whom he relied. But after listening to the Adventist World Radio broadcasts the witch said to the commander, "This woman you are listening to has more powerful magic than mine - I want some of that power! It gives me a strange feeling of peace that I had never felt before. How can I also receive these messages? "
  It was as part of this special Sabbath dedicated to the Adventist World Radio that the Central Africa Union Mission organized a virtual event in collaboration with the Gabon Mission. The special guest of this program was Elder Abraham Bakari, the Cameroon Union Mission communication director. During this program, many testimonies were given including that of Brother Tapo Christ, associate director of Adventist World Radio, Libreville station, Gabon, of Sister Noelline Badila and of course, that of Pastor Tony Ogouma, the Central Africa Union Mission communication director. This last testimony tells the story of the conversion of Commander Liam and the witch. Both were converted through the radio ministry.

[Photo: Abraham Bakari, Communication Director of Cameroon Union Mission]

After these different testimonies, the opportunity was given to Elder Abraham Bakari who, in his presentation, made the history of the radio as a powerful mean of evangelization on the international level and particularly in Central Africa region. In his presentation, Elder Bakari noted that in order to carry out effective and qualitative evangelization by radio, professional programming and dedicated workers are needed. Continuing the history of radio, he noted that "the radio ministry in Central Africa began in 1963 in Cameroon long before the first Adventist World Radio broadcasts began in 1971." The radio ministry then spread to Gabon, Congo and Chad through the work a well-known missionary, Aimé Henry Cosendai and according to the speaker, two-thirds of the members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cameroon owe their conversion to the Radio Ministry. He further noted that for the broadcast message to be effective, consecrated men and women are needed, because the role of a radio is to restore and lead fallen human beings to the Lord. “In keeping with the philosophy of the Adventist Radio, we must build bridges of hope and lead men and women to Christ,” he said.

By Tony Ogouma
Communication Director CUM


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