Posted on Mars 30 2021

The current state of degeneration of our society prompts us to wonder about the future and the fate of our humanity. How to understand the current times? Are we witnessing the fulfillment of prophecies? These are questions that anyone who seeks to understand the events that are currently taking place in our world, especially in this period of global health crisis, asks himself or herself. Aware of these concerns, and to provide appropriate answers that consolidate the faith of its faithful members, the Central Africa Union Mission organized a seminar on the books of Daniel and Revelation.
  This seminar was held by zoom from February 03 to 28, 2021 and was moderated by Professor Anani Ethougue Patrick, Professor at the Adventist University of Trinidad and Tobago, and Pastor Frederic Saminadin a doctoral student in Systematic Theology. The theme of this virtual meeting was “Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation: Crossed Perspectives on Preparation for the End Times. »

  The opening ceremony took place in the presence of Pastor Vincent Same, representative of West-Central Africa Division President, Pastor Elie Weick. In his introductory remarks, Pastor Vincent congratulated the administrators of the Union for this initiative, which provides relevant answers to the current challenge linked to the health crisis, which leaves no one indifferent.
  Pastor Anani, from the book of Daniel, enabled the participants to understand “that from the experience of the four Hebrew boys at the court of the king of Babylon, they too can, with the training received, can resist to the persecution to come. Indeed, the Pastor by this presentation edified the people of God by giving them the necessary tools to understand the prophecies of the book of Daniel.
  Pastor Frederic Saminadin invited the participants to carefully make of the book of Revelation in order to uncover the mysteries that are hidden in it. For its better understanding, "we flew over the book of Revelation during these two weeks because it reveals us things to come, gives meaning to our life regarding this crisis and finally, find the only source of hope through the Word of God.’’
  In the last moments of this gathering, trainers had the opportunity to address the concerns of participants. This enabled them to understand that the prophecies of Daniel and that of Revelation are books, which complement each other and attract the attention of many people.
  Pasteur Djossou Simon, President of the Eastern Sahel Union Mission who also attended this meeting was given the opportunity to lead out all prayer sessions throughout the program.
  “I am coming soon: a promise of his return, this is our certainty. And there will be no more suffering, illness or social distancing, "said one of the participants.

 Tony Ogouma
Communication Director, UMAC


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