Posted on fév. 04 2021

A new administration is elected

[Photo: Prayer of Consecration for the new team]

Pastor Hacheked Benjamin was elected president of the Northern Cameroon Conference (NCC) during the 7th Constituent Assembly, which took place from January 13 to 17, 2021 in Maroua, in the extreme North Cameroon.

[Photo: New President Pr Hacheked Benjamin and hiw wife]

 More than 200 delegates gathered choose to renew the administration of the Northern Cameroon Conference. Pastor Hacheked Benjamin takes over from Pastor Hendjena Tchanaga Richard as President. Pastor Richard who has been president since January 13, 2013 will now be the director of the Sabbath School and Personal Ministries departments of the Conference and will be responsible for Kaélé district. Pastor Mohama Fakama, formerly Kaélé District leader, becomes the new Executive Secretary. He replaces Pastor Issa Babba who is now in charge of Kousseri district. Elder Mazoumaï Ernest, previously accountant at the Conference, becomes the new Treasurer. He took over from Pastor Tchamaya Ndoumié, now Stewardship Department director of the Conference and Mora district leader.

[Photo: Pastor Assembe Valere congratulating the new Conference president ]

 The work of the assembly led by the Union administration was preceded by two days delegates’ training. From Monday 11 to Tuesday 12 January 2021, Pastor Assembe Valère, Pastor Yenge Isaac and Pastor Bone Jean, respectively President, Executive Secretary and Treasurer of the Cameroon Union Mission (CUM), supervised the participants during these two days of training. The main point was to share the tools of ecclesiastical management and the guiding principles as contained in the statutes of the Conferences.

[Photo: New Administrators]

 "We are delighted that everything took place in transparency and peace," said Bouba Jean, regular delegate from Founangué Church, Maroua. For Sister Léa, delegate from Tokombéré, “God has made His presence known.’’ Not all who came shared these opinions at the beginning of the proceedings because of the prejudices that dominated the minds of some delegates. Moments of intercession in the context of the Ten Days of Prayer, frank and direct exchanges contributed to the success of this session.

[Photo: New leaders with their wives]

 A new executive committee was set up and had its first session on Friday, January 15, 2021, a day after the elections of administrators and heads of departments. The new team was introduced to church members on Saturday, January 16, 2021 at Maroua Founangué Adventist temple. The congregation of faithful members hailed the outstanding work of the outgoing leadership and welcomed the new leaders. The mission continues!

Abraham BAKARI
Communication Director Cameroon


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