CAMEROON - ADVENTIST YOUTH (AY): The Very First Congress Brought Together 2,000 People.

Posted on Aug 13 2019

CAMEROON - ADVENTIST YOUTH (AY): The Very First Congress Brought Together 2,000 People.


 [Photo - Bakari A.: Master guide]

Under the patronage of the Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, the event took place from August 5 to 11, 2019 in Nanga Eboko, located 160 km from Yaounde.

 Nanga Eboko, the cradle of the Adventist mission in Central Africa since 1926, hosted the solemn opening ceremony of the 1st Adventist Youth Congress in Cameroon at the Town Square. Delegates from the ten regions of Cameroon filled the Cosendai University campus in Nanga-Eboko.

 The theme "passing it on: the power of unity" is of interest not only to the Church but to the State of Cameroon, which has supported the project. The regional delegate of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education for the Central Region, Akono Bessala Eric represented Minister Mounouna Foutsou on the move to the north of the country. He did convey the message to these youths before the solemn opening statement of the congress. "You must join the crusade against hate speech, drugs and the scourges that plague our society. The choice of the theme of this congress fits with the ideals pursued by the government. "

[Photo - Bakari A.: Regional delegate of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education for the Central Region, Akono Bessala Eric]

Pastor Assembe Minyono Valere Guillaume, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cameroon, said a special prayer for Cameroon: "May this unity bring together the children of our country. "

[Photo - Bakari A.: Pastor Assembe Minyono Valere Guillaume]

The administrative, civil and military authorities present and a crowd of curious people who came to testify of this great ceremony applauded the parade of the ten AY delegations present in Nanga Eboko. After visiting the stands at the Université Adventiste Cosendai Campus, the Minister's representative warmly congratulated the Adventist Church for this youth organization and gave an envelope on behalf of the Minister to support the management of the congress. Dr. Assam Assam Jean Paul, director of Adventist Youth in Cameroon did not fail to thank the Minister for this gesture.

 The focal point of the congress was spiritual activities with moments of devotion, of prayer which are directed by pastors and Church Elders present at the congress. Communion with nature was one of the major assets of this well-withdrawn site in the Equatorial Forest. Plenary sessions, workshops, have equipped these thousands of vacationers and young workers for generational relay and unity. There were also sports and cultural activities, AY specialized workshops. Competitions led the Western Cameroon Conference first in the number of won trophies.

[Photo - Bakari A.: workshops ]

One of the important points was the nomination of 95 young people to the Master guide class. One of the old Master guides, testifies: "We returned home with great joy for having been part of this success that returns glory to God”. For another Master Guide, Dinogui Marius "For quite a long time, we did not see such a big gathering of youths in Cameroon. This was really exciting. "

[Photo - Bakari A.: Nomination of 95 young people to the Master guide class]

[Photo - Bakari A.: Master guide]

The AY director of Cameroon, Assam Assam confessed there was a concern from the start of the congress: "we are nervous as the congress participants keep arriving and now accommodation is the major challenge we have to face”. Despite the uncomfortable conditions, the delegates left no room for distraction from the essential. They showed great-mindedness. In the end, it's the sadness of goodbye.



Abraham BAKARI

Director of Communication - Cameroon


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